Asset allocation funds

Our asset allocation funds let you diversify your investments among stocks, bonds, short-term holdings and the money market, according to your investor profile. You get a balanced investment portfolio managed by our experienced asset managers.


  • Choose among our BCV Fonds Stratégique funds to find the optimal risk/return profile for your level of risk tolerance. You can invest even a small amount and earn potential gains when financial markets go up.
  • A team of experts will manage your investment portfolio according to a strategy laid out clearly when you decide to invest.
  • Asset allocation funds are governed by Swiss federal law and individual issuers are overseen by Swiss regulators.


Don't put all your eggs in one basket

Our asset allocation funds are ideal for spreading risk among the main asset classes: stocks, bonds and the money market. The funds’ diversification mitigates your investment risk while giving you a balanced portfolio.

You can invest even small amounts – just a few hundred francs – to buy one or more shares in a fund. The value of our funds’ shares is published daily on the BCV website and in the financial press.

Our asset allocation funds offer nine investment strategies to choose from, each with different investment objectives. The asset allocation for each strategy targets a different level of return based on the desired risk exposure and investment horizon.


  • Active investment strategies seek a positive absolute return. They aim to minimize losses by adjusting the allocation according to market trends.
  • Semi-active investment strategies track an index. They are designed to provide an attractive return over the long term for a given level of risk, although returns are more volatile in the short term.
Stratégies de placement

Solutions for all types of investors

Every investor is different. Your risk tolerance and time horizon will vary depending on your financial situation and any major projects or plans you may have. Learn more about our various funds to find the right one for you.

That’s why we developed this investment proposal to help you determine which investment strategy and fund is best for you. And you can invest in that fund directly online.

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