Investing with BCV

Whatever your investment goals, time horizon and risk appetite, we have a number of simple investment solutions. No matter how much or how little you wish to invest, we can help you make the most of your money.


Asset allocation funds

With our asset allocation funds, you can invest even small amounts in the stock market and spread out your risk effectively. Complete our online questionnaire to determine your investor profile and get an investment proposal tailored to your needs and life goals.

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BCV Start Invest Savings Plan

With our Start Invest savings plan, you can invest as little as CHF 100 per month in the financial markets, where your money stands to earn better long-term returns than with a conventional savings account.

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Medium-term notes

Medium-term notes are fixed-rate investments for anywhere from two to eight years. They offer a good level of security with a higher interest rate than a savings account.

Capital-protected structured products

Capital-protected structured products let you invest in the stock market – and potentially earn higher returns than on a savings account or medium-term notes – while ensuring that you won't lose any of the money you initially invested.

Basic investment options at a glance


structured products

Asset allocation funds

Minimum amount

CHF 5,000 upon issue


Invested in the stock market



Investment horizon

3–5 years

From 3 years to 10+ years




Length of time money is tied up

Until maturity

None; you can sell your investment at any time

Annual return

Fixed rate but conditions apply

Variable (income may be paid out or reinvested)

Possible capital gains





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