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Do you want to get a better return on your money than what's offered on a savings account? Or maybe you are thinking about investing today to have a steady stream of income when you retire? Whatever your investment goals, we have a range of solutions that can put your money to work for you.

Our advisors will sit down with you to determine your investor profile and, on that basis, guide your investment decisions. You'll get personalized service and help answering the key investment questions discussed below.

Key investment questions

What’s your investor profile?

The first step in investing your money is determining your investor profile, which is based on:


  • Your household income, savings capacity, and personal circumstances (whether you are an employee or a business owner, married or divorced, have children, and so on).
  • Your risk tolerance when it comes to financial market uncertainty. Would you worry if your investment loses value? Are you ready to take some risks, or would you rather be cautious?
  • Your knowledge of the financial markets, what you may have already invested in and whether you follow the financial news.
Déterminer votre profil investisseur

What are your investment goals?

What do you plan to do with the money you invest? Do you want to save up for retirement, put your children through school, or buy a second home? You should also think about:  

  • How long you are willing to keep your money tied up
  • What your base currency is
  • Any other investment priorities you may have, such as supporting socially-responsible companies

Identifying your investor profile

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Services tailored for you

We offer a range of options depending on how much support you would like:

  • If you want to manage your investments entirely on your own without consulting our advisors, you can use our TradeDirect online trading platform. You make the orders and we'll execute them.
  • If you want to make your own investment decisions but would like professional advice – or if you want to leave your investments entirely in the hands of seasoned asset managers – then our advisors are here to help.

Solutions, whatever your needs

We have the right solution for you, geared to your investor profile and investment goals.

We also have a range of private banking services if you have more than CHF 250,000.

If you want to do your own trading in a secure environment and at competitive prices, our online trading platform, TradeDirect, could be just what you're looking for.

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