BCV 3rd pillar accounts

BCV 3rd pillar accounts

Save for retirement

The key to retiring worry-free

  • No fees
  • Tax advantages
  • Supplement your retirement income

Ne dépassez pas le délai, versez maintenant sur votre compte Epargne 3



Vous souhaitez profiter d'une retraite sereine?

Nous vous offrons une analyse de prévoyance jusqu'au 31 décembre 2018

Calculate your Epargne 3 savings in just a few clicks

.- CHF
.- CHF


Tax savings

CHF after 1 year
equal to % of your annual payment

CHF after 5 years

Amount in your savings account

CHF after 5 years
including CHF in interest at %

Change in your Epargne 3 savings
Including net payments*, tax savings and interest

* net payments = annual payments - tax savings

The above calculation is based on the information you entered, together with the latest tax and market data provided by netcetera. No guaranteee can be made as to the results of the simulation, which may not be used against those of your competent tax authority.

Simulateur retraite

Vous souhaitez preparer au mieux votre prévoyance et estimer vos besoins de revenus à la retraite?

Lancer la simulation

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