Indice de performance suisse

Cours actuel13'879.13
+ bas du jour13'698.53
Variation 44.79 (+0.32%)
+ haut du jour13'927.88
MarchéSIX SX

Gagnants du marché

Addex Therap N0.196 +8.89%
ObsEva N1.614 +6.18%
Zur Rose Group N75.75 +5.72%
Kinarus Th Hldg N0.034 +5.59%
Montana Aerosp N15.52 +5.29%

Perdants du marché

RELIEF THER Hlg N0.0302 -8.21%
Vetropack Hldg N-A37.40 -5.32%
Newron Pharma N1.45 -5.23%
Santhera Pharm Hl N0.842 -5.18%
Titlisbahnen N43.60 -4.39%

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