S&P 500

L'indice S&P 500

Cours actuel3'807.16
+ bas du jour3'730.19
Variation 38.69 (+1.03%)
+ haut du jour3'823.26
MarchéS&P Base CME

Gagnants du marché

Devon Energy Rg25.61 +8.43%
Western Digital Rg68.48 +7.86%
Diamondback Eng Rg87.27 +7.40%
Oracle Rg70.38 +7.27%
NOV Rg16.54 +7.26%

Perdants du marché

Norw Crs Line Rg28.52 -13.31%
Carnival25.27 -7.77%
Ryl Caribbean Cr Rg84.66 -7.59%
Enphase Energy Rg140.33 -6.37%
Tesla Rg586.68 -5.59%

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