Indice de performance suisse

Cours actuel12'246.05
+ bas du jour12'212.74
Variation -84.03 (-0.68%)
+ haut du jour12'355.68
MarchéSIX SX

Gagnants du marché

Perfect Hldg N0.0295 +103.45%
Adval Tech Hldg N150.00 +13.64%
Highlight Ev&En I36.80 +8.88%
COLTENE HLDG N79.60 +7.86%
MCH Group N15.70 +5.37%

Perdants du marché

Zwahlen et Mayr P181.00 -16.97%
Meyer Burger N0.1745 -8.16%
ARYZTA N0.50 -6.98%
Leonteq N34.40 -6.27%
AEVIS VICT N12.00 -5.51%

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