Dow Jones Ind.

L'indice Dow Jones Ind.

Cours actuel26'769.40
+ bas du jour26'725.05
Variation 50.27 (+0.19%)
+ haut du jour26'806.52

Gagnants du marché

Verizon Comm Rg58.64 +1.51%
Goldman Sachs Gr Rg198.80 +1.46%
Utd Techs Rg130.45 +1.32%
Dow Rg48.97 +1.26%
Merck Rg85.58 +1.19%

Perdants du marché

Home Depot Rg205.65 -1.79%
Unitedhealth Gro Rg248.88 -1.35%
Walt Disney Rg138.35 -1.34%
Exxon Mobil Rg76.98 -0.91%
Cisco Systems Rg56.81 -0.39%

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