New format for customer payment data

Under the standardized payment system, there's a new file format for bank-to-customer billing and account statements: the CAMT (cash management) format.

What is the CAMT format?

The CAMT format is used for messages that banks send to their customers. There are multiple versions, including:

  • camt.054, which replaces v11 files, is for credit and debit notifications linked to orange (BVR) payment slips.
  • camt.053 is the new electronic version of an account statement. It can be sent daily, weekly, or monthly.


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How does this affect you?

If you regularly or occasionally send invoices using orange payment slips, you will need to switch over to the CAMT format.

You will also need to switch over if you use accounting software and you want it to automatically update your accounting records using electronic statements.


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Why switch to the new format?

  • camt.054. As soon as someone who owes you money makes a payment, you will receive a reference number for the transaction. Your software will process the transaction data, comparing it with the information on file, and update your accounting records accordingly. The CAMT format therefore allows for greater automation of your invoice processing.
  • camt.053. Receiving account statements in a single standardized electronic format makes it easier for you to manage your financial accounts. Your accounting software can process the account statements, comparing the information with your records, and reconcile your account accordingly. With this format, you save time and decrease the chance of making an accounting mistake.

Using CAMT at BCV

If you use BCV-net


Go to Preferences > CAMT message files.


Click on Modify to the right of the account for which you want to receive CAMT messages .


To download camt.054 files, go to Payments > File Transfer > BVR files.

You can download camt.053 files from the e-Statements section.


If you use BCV-connect

Call our business banking hotline at 0844 228 228 and request to receive CAMT files.

Message flow



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Issue an invoice


arrow camt 1




picto camt b
arrow camt 4


Download camt.054 payment files generated by BCV.

Download account statements generated by BCV in camt.053 format.



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Pay the invoice through a bank intermediary



picto camt d


Interbank transfer


arrow camt 2


picto camt c

Client's bank



Other important information

Choosing a format

  • Once you download an account statement in CAMT format, you should not switch back to the format you used previously, as this could mess up your accounting software.

Generating and downloading files

New files are generated each time there is a transaction. That means that transactions are not grouped together into a single file. It may therefore take a while for you to download them all. 

  • If you manually download your statements, choose "Select all" or "Select multiple files" to speed up the process.
  • Most accounting software has an automatic download feature for files. See if the software you use has this option.

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