Keeping your clients satisfied

In order to expand, your company must have sound accounting practices and efficient payment processing. That’s why choosing the right combination of bank accounts is indispensable.

BCV offers simple and effective solutions, including for payment transactions. We process nearly 10 million transactions – worth a total of 70 billion francs – each year for our clients.


Pay and be paid

We offer a comprehensive range of accounts and payment options, so you are sure to find just what you need. And our small business banking packs mean you have everything on hand to easily manage your company's day-to-day finances.

Stay on top of changes to Swiss payment transactions

The Swiss payment transactions system is evolving.

BCV will be here to help and advise you throughout the transition phase. 


Nos services bancaires en ligne

Simplify your accounting

BCV-net works seamlessly with the leading enterprise accounting and payment software programs currently on the market.


Travailler à l'international

Operating internationally

To develop your business abroad, you will need the support of a bank that operates internationally. BCV can provide you with the products and services you need in terms of forex, foreign-currency transactions, and financing.

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