Avena Fondation BCV 2e pilier

Avena Fondation BCV 2e pilier is a collective occupational pension fund that provides companies with a comprehensive range of occupational pension plans for their employees. It covers all of French-speaking Switzerland.

Main features

Business services

Avena Fondation BCV 2e pilier serves companies in French-speaking Switzerland that have at least 10 employees. It is also open to sole proprietors and to lawyers and notaries who are members of their respective professional organization in Vaud Canton.

A pillar of the canton

Avena Fondation BCV 2e pilier was set up in 1978 and now manages pension fund assets for more than 800 companies with over 12,000 members. The Fondation’s advisors are readily accessible, and its pension-plan services and solutions are simple and flexible.

Tailored solutions

Avena Fondation BCV 2e pilier provides companies with a range of pension-fund management services. This includes tailored offers, particularly for large companies.

Attractive service

Avena Fondation BCV 2e pilier applies the same conversion rate for both minimum benefits due under the LPP and the supplementary component. The risk premium and the management fees are not age- or gender-indexed. Premiums are paid monthly rather than annually, at no extra cost.


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