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Our BCV-net mobile app lets you manage your bank accounts, carry out transactions and get general bank information on your iPhone, iPad, or Android* smartphone or tablet. Incorporating the latest in data security, BCV-net mobile gives you all the convenience of anytime, anywhere banking.




BCV Mobile Entreprises


Need to check your account balance, approve a payment, or scan a bill? With BCV Mobile on your smartphone or tablet, you can use all the features provided by BCV-net – our online banking system – whenever and wherever you want.


You can also view the main stock market indices and exchange rates, and find the closest BCV branch, all without having to log in to BCV-net.

Description détaillée

Picto comptes et crédits
Accounts and loans
  • Get an overview of your accounts
  • See your balance and available funds for each account
  • View your business loans
Picto paiements
  • Manage and approve payments on the go
  • Quickly scan payment slips
  • Manage standing orders and eBills
  • Track your debit and credit card transactions
  • Request a change to your card limits
Picto message et alerte
Messaging and alerts
  • Contact your advisor through our secure messaging system
  • Keep up to date with text alerts
Picto info et agences
Other information
  • View the main stock market indices and exchange rates
  • Find the nearest BCV branch or ATM 


Découvrez BCV Mobile


Téléchargez gratuitement l’application sur:


*iPhone et iPad sont des marques déposées d’Apple Inc. Android est une marque déposée de Google Inc.

Secure login

If you log in using BCV smartID, simply enter your user ID and password. If however you’ve opted to receive an authentication code, BCV will send you a text message containing the six-digit code you must enter to complete the login process (after you’ve entered your user ID and password).

If you receive any unusual messages while logging in or during your session, disconnect from BCV-net immediately and call our hotline at 0844 228 228 or 021 212 10 00 (Monday–Friday, 7:30am–7:30pm).

BCV will never ask you for your BCV-net password or PIN, or your credit card number, PIN, or card security code. We may, however, request additional authorization from you for some types of payments to new beneficiaries.

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