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As a merchant, what are the benefits of using or accepting TWINT as a payment method?

  • TWINT offers a simple payment process with attractive fees across all channels: in-store checkouts, vending machines, online stores, app stores, and on the go with a smartphone or tablet.
  • Your customer loyalty cards and stamp cards can be used digitally with TWINT.
  • TWINT allows you to carry out mobile marketing by targeting offers directly at a specific group, and allows you to measure the success of a marketing campaign.
  • TWINT's infrastructure is cheap to use and easy to connect to.

Which merchants can use TWINT?

  • TWINT is suitable for all merchants due to its wide range of connection options. Find out which TWINT solution is right for you at www.twint.ch.

As a merchant, what infrastructure do I need to offer TWINT as a payment method?

  • You can use TWINT with your existing terminals if they can display QR codes, or with modern point-of-sale software. If you want to use TWINT via your point-of-sale software, you need a TWINT Beacon, which you will receive when you sign up to TWINT (CHF 95 per unit, including a three-year warranty).
  • You can receive payments via TWINT even if you have no payment infrastructure: install the TWINT merchant app on your tablet (iOS or Android) or use our MacOS or Windows solutions. Self-service QR codes are available for self-service stores.

Which point-of-sale software systems already support TWINT?

  • Several major providers of point-of-sale software have already integrated TWINT into their software or are currently implementing TWINT. For more information, visit www.twint.ch.

How can I integrate TWINT into my e-commerce system?

  • You can do that via a payment service provider (such as Datatrans, PostFinance, or SIX Saferpay) or using a store plugin.

Which online store systems already have TWINT plugins available?

  • Many online store systems have TWINT plugins and the number is increasing all the time. Please see the current list. You can obtain a plugin very easily via Customweb. To avoid additional effort on your part, you can arrange for Customweb to handle the installation immediately. There is a one-off charge, starting at CHF 200 (excluding sales tax).

How can I implement TWINT in my vending machines?

  • The process depends on the type of vending machine you have. Please contact your acquirer if you are interested in this.

What will TWINT cost me as a merchant?

  • As a merchant, you must cover transaction costs (which depend on the acquirer) and the one-off cost of any TWINT Beacons you require (CHF 95 per unit, including a three-year warranty). The TWINT merchant app, the MacOS solution, and the Windows solution are free of charge: you just need a suitable device to run them. Mobile marketing costs can be found at www.twint.ch.

How do I receive my money as a merchant?

  • The total value of transactions executed up to 11pm on a given day will be credited to your account with a value date of 2 days later. Every day, you will receive a list of transactions executed and their payment dates.

What are coupons and what are their benefits for me as a merchant?

  • TWINT coupons are digital discounts that appear directly in TWINT users’ apps. Coupons let you display your marketing campaign in a place that your customers look at very frequently – their smartphones. Coupons are a way for you to increase your sales and reach your target group without any waste coverage. Further information about mobile marketing and ordering options can be found on www.twint.ch.

What are stamp cards and what is their benefit for me as a merchant?

  • TWINT stamp cards are digital reward cards that users store directly in the TWINT app. As with conventional stamp cards, you can reward your customers for their loyalty, for example giving them a coupon after they have made ten purchases. The benefit for you consists of increased customer loyalty and higher sales.

How can my customer loyalty card (or my existing customer loyalty program) be integrated with the TWINT app?

  • We will be happy to discuss the integration options with you. Please contact us by email at sales@twint.ch.

How can I contact TWINT?

  • You can reach the Customer Service department by phone on 058 667 98 44 or by email at support@twint.ch.

My terminal is not a SIX or Aduno terminal: can I implement TWINT?

  • No.

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