Meeting with your corporate banking advisor

To get the most out of your time with your advisor, we would encourage you to come prepared. That way, you’re sure to get a quick response from us.

For a loan application

Bring all the necessary documents

To get a quick response to your loan application, make sure you bring all the necessary documents to your meeting with your advisor.

Be frank

There’s no point trying to hide anything or pushing to get a better deal. Your relationship with your advisor will be one of trust, based on your needs and familiarity with your company.

Use the tools available

Use the tools available on our site – such as the business plan or projected cash-flow statement – to help you prepare. You can call on an accountant or fiduciary to help you, and they can even come along to the meeting with you.

Be open and convincing

Show that you believe strongly in your business project and its chances of success, but remain realistic at the same time. Be open and ready to answer difficult questions.

Show you’re trustworthy

For your loan application to be convincing, you need to show that you really know your stuff and are trustworthy. You also need to show that you will use some of your own money or provide some form of collateral.

To open an account

Information we need

You BCV advisor will help you choose the accounts best suited to your needs. For this, your advisor will need the following information:

  • Your cash-flow needs and cash position (such as withdrawal requirements, time horizon for access to funds, etc.)
  • Your needs in terms of incoming and outgoing payments and how you want to manage them (electronically, cards, etc.)
  • The currencies you deal with.

To make investments

Your investor profile

The first step in investing your money is determining your investor profile. Your advisor will therefore ask you about the following:

  • The amount you wish to invest
  • Your investment horizon (e.g., 3 months, 3 years, 10 years, etc.)
  • Your risk tolerance, which will also determine the potential return.

Building a long-term relationship

Keep your advisor in the loop

Relationships need to be cultivated. We recommend keeping your advisor informed of any projects or major changes taking place at your company, and providing regular updates about business development. If a problem or potential problem arises, do not hesitate to consult your advisor, who will help you find a solution. Your advisor is always ready to discuss the situation and identify the measures needed to keep your company running smoothly.

Useful documents


Business plan

Ce modèle à compléter vous permettra de réaliser votre business plan avec toutes les données nécessaires.

File size : 379.00 KB - Last update : 26 January 2015

Keywords: Business/ Plan/ Modèle


Budget de trésorerie

Ce fichier vous permet de disposer d'un canevas pour faire votre budget de trésorerie.

File size : 30.50 KB - Last update : 10 April 2018

Keywords: Budget/ Trésorerie


Business plan: brochure

Pistes de réflexion et modèle pour rédiger son plan d'affaires

File size : 286.98 KB - Last update : 08 November 2018

Keywords: Business/ Plan/ Brochure/ Pistes/ Réflexion/ Modèle/ Rédaction/ Affaires


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