“By working alongside our advisor, we found the best way for me to take over the family business.’’

Vincent Volet
Groupe Volet SA

Web conférence: la transmission d’entreprise en période de crise

Lors d’une web conférence destinée aux propriétaires et repreneurs, Nicolas Corod, responsable des transmissions d'entreprises à la BCV et Raphaël Leveau, associé chez Berney Associés, traitent des impacts de la pandémie sur un processus de transmission d’entreprise et des enjeux du financement d’acquisition pour les PME ayant recours aux crédits transitoires. 

Retrouvez l’intégralité de la conférence


Every year, BCV helps make dozens of business successions happen

Why you should work with BCV:

  • We offer unparalleled expertise and a strong presence in the Canton
  • You can call on the support of our experts in business succession, financing, taxes, asset management, and occupational pensions
  • We will put you into contact with BCV’s partners

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From mergers to family business successions, we're there for our customers every step of the way

We appreciate that BCV tailored our financing to fit our specific needs.

Florian Besse, Guillaume Besse, and Philipp Zrunek
Mussler Medical Supply SA

Read the interview (in French only)

It was only by speaking with our advisor that we could nail down what we wanted to do with the company.

Urs Lüscher and Nicolas Brunner
Batiplus SA

Watch the video (in French only)

We were proud that BCV had faith in us.

Grégory Wyss and Michel Mamzer
Tinguely Groupe SA

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If you're thinking about buying or selling a business, schedule a meeting with one of our specialists.

We’re with you every step of the way

Selling your company – and what happens next

  • Independent assessments of valuations of your company
  • Succession plans tailored to your needs
  • Assessment of the tax implications
  • Estate planning and wealth planning
  • A panel of experts at your service
  • Asset management
Transmettre une entreprise

Buying a company

  • 360° advisory services for you and your new company
  • Market-based assessments of the asking price
  • A tailored financing strategy
Reprendre une entreprise

Sit down with us sooner rather than later

A guide to selling your business

It’s a good idea to start thinking about your business plans at least five to ten years in advance. 


Nicolas Corod, the head of BCV's business succession team, explains why (in French only).

Nicolas Corod

How do I pass my business on to my kids?

Thinking about it far in advance and talking with your family are just two of the steps you need to take before you can successfully hand your business down to the next generation.


Watch the La Télé "VOTRE ARGENT, SPÉCIAL PME" (in French only)


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