We take our responsibilities as a corporate citizen in Vaud seriously. That’s why – in addition to our corporate sponsorship efforts – we provide donations to a number of organizations and foundations across the Canton.  

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We provide financial support to local associations and institutions in the form of donations. We have helped the following associations: Société Vaudoise d’Utilité Publique (an association of public-service institutions), the Mère Sofia Foundation for the needy, the Ma Vie Ton Sang blood-donation association, the Pro Senectute Vaud senior-services association, the Pro-XY Foundation for caregiver support, and the Fondation Compétences Bénévoles (an association that provides volunteer support to nonprofits).

We also finance and present prizes in local schools and universities. Other training and educational initiatives we support include Lausanne’s Centre Sport-Etudes for school-age athletes and the Prix Stratégis startup award.

And to promote the development of the local digital economy, we donate to the 42 Lausanne school, thereby enabling men and women who are gifted in IT but who don’t have access to traditional academic training to earn a reputable degree.

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