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The BCV Foundation supports worthy causes that are ambitious in scope and initiated by local residents or entities.

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How the Foundation works

The BCV Foundation was created in 1995 with funding from BCV, although it is a separate legal entity from the Bank. It makes donations every year to outreach and charity organizations, cultural projects, and academic research programs.

Since its creation, the Foundation has donated some CHF 9 million to around 90 associations, helping them realize some rather ambitious projects.


Comité de la Fondation BCV

In 2017, the Foundation awarded a total of CHF 360,000 Swiss francs to four projects: one for research, two run by socially-minded organizations, and one in the field of the arts.

Selection process

The Foundation looks for ambitious, long-term projects that are clearly defined and have a realistic budget. Scientific and social projects are also selected based on the extent to which they will serve the public good.

The Foundation's board is made up of between five and nine members appointed by BCV and includes representatives from Vaud's cultural, scientific and social circles. It is the board members who choose the candidates each year.

Prix et dons de la Fondation BCV


Marking its 20th anniversary

In 2015, the BCV Foundation marked its 20th anniversary by presenting awards of CHF 50,000 each to three prominent local figures who have made a key contribution to the Canton: Jean Genoud (culture), Claude Pahud (social) and Michel Mayor (science). The following interviews with the three winners are available in French only.

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Bénéficiaires des prix et dons attribués par la Fondation BCV

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