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What is BCV TWINT?

  • The BCV TWINT app is a digital wallet that gives you a simple, fully secure way of paying for purchases at TWINT-equipped points of sale.

Is TWINT only for BCV customers?

  • TWINT is a Swiss mobile payment solution developed jointly by Switzerland's largest banks, including BCV, and financial service provider SIX. It was created through a combination of the TWINT and Paymit systems in October 2016.

Which banks are offering TWINT?

  • Currently, TWINT is offered by UBS, Zürcher Kantonalbank, Credit Suisse, PostFinance, Raiffeisen, and BCV. Other banks will be offering TWINT by the end of the year.

What are the benefits of BCV TWINT?

  • If the point of sale – which could be a restaurant, shop, online store, or vending machine – is TWINT-equipped, you won’t have to use cash or a credit card to pay for your purchases.
  • BCV TWINT is also a way for friends to send money to each other using their smartphones.
  • BCV TWINT users enjoy numerous discounts and benefits offered by merchants that are part of the TWINT network.
  • BCV TWINT is linked directly to your BCV account. You can track your expenditures using your bank statement.
  • You can also register customer loyalty cards and stamp cards with BCV TWINT. They will automatically be taken into account when you make a payment.
  • The data contained in the BCV TWINT system are stored in Switzerland.

Accessing BCV TWINT


How do I get BCV TWINT?

  • First, make sure that you have the latest version of BCV Mobile on your smartphone. If not, download it.
  • Then download BCV TWINT here:
  • Register in the app and link BCV TWINT to your BCV bank account.
  • Now you can use BCV TWINT to pay at numerous points of sale in the TWINT network across Switzerland, and to transfer money to friends.

How much does BCV TWINT cost to use?

  • BCV TWINT is free to download. Payments and transfers are free of charge when BCV TWINT is linked to your BCV account.

How is my money transferred to BCV TWINT?

  • BCV TWINT is connected to your bank account. Whenever you make a payment, the amount is debited directly from your bank account. If you connect your app to a credit card, the amount you pay will show up on your card statement.

Can I use BCV TWINT with any mobile operator?

  • BCV TWINT works with all mobile operators.

Which smartphones does BCV TWINT work with?

  • You need a smartphone running the iOS (iPhone 4S and iOS 9 or later) or Android (version 4.4 or later) operating system, as well as Bluetooth (version 4.0 or later).

Can I link BCV TWINT to more than one bank account?

  • No, this is not possible.

Can I link BCV TWINT to a bank account outside Switzerland?

  • No, this is not possible.

Can I use more than one TWINT app?

  • Yes, but whenever you install an app, you must create a new profile with a new identification code.

Can joint account holders register a BCV TWINT app each?

  • It is possible to connect the BCV TWINT app to an account shared by several people, subject to certain conditions. You can find out more by contacting our customer service department on 0844 228 228.

Using BCV TWINT in-store

 Where can I pay using BCV TWINT?

  • Switzerland's leading retailers and online stores – including Coop, digitech.ch, Galaxus, and Selecta – accept TWINT payments. You can also pay with TWINT in restaurants and at certain vending machines. Merchants that are part of the TWINT network will display the TWINT logo.

How do I pay using BCV TWINT at an in-store checkout?

  • If the checkout has a TWINT payment terminal or “Beacon,” make sure that your smartphone's Bluetooth and location services are turned on (location services only with Android version 6 or later). Open your BCV TWINT app with your fingerprint or security code. Tap “Pay now.” Briefly hold your smartphone close to the TWINT Beacon.
  • If the checkout does not have a TWINT Beacon, start BCV TWINT and tap the QR code symbol. Point your smartphone's camera at the QR code displayed on the terminal.
  • Confirm the transaction, and it will automatically be recorded in your account.

Can I pay using BCV TWINT if I have no mobile signal on my smartphone?

  • Yes, you can pay offline at checkouts equipped with a TWINT Beacon.

Can I pay using BCV TWINT outside Switzerland?

  • No, it is not currently possible to pay using BCV TWINT outside Switzerland.

Can I pay in a foreign currency with BCV TWINT?

  • No, you can only pay in Swiss francs with BCV TWINT.

Using BCV TWINT online

How can I pay with BCV TWINT when shopping online?

  • Select TWINT as the payment method in the online store. A QR code and a 5-digit code will be displayed.
  • Open your BCV TWINT app with your fingerprint or security code. Tap on the QR symbol on the bottom right of the screen. Point your smartphone's camera at the QR code. If you cannot use the QR code, enter the 5-digit code displayed.
  • Confirm the amount by tapping “OK.”

Using BCV TWINT to transfer money between friends

Can I receive money from or send money to someone else using BCV TWINT?

  • BCV TWINT allows you to transfer money to another person who has downloaded BCV TWINT or another TWINT app. This function replaces Paymit.

How can I receive money from or send money to a friend?

  • Open your BCV TWINT app with your fingerprint or security code.
  • Select your friend's phone number and enter the desired amount.
  • Confirm the transfer and it will automatically be recorded in your account.

Someone has requested money from me. What can I do?

  • You can either accept or reject the request. Select "Statement entries" in the main menu. This function allows you to accept or reject requests. If you have accepted the request, you can send the money.

Can I send money to or request money from someone if they don't have TWINT or BCV TWINT?

  • You can send money to someone even if they don't yet have TWINT or BCV TWINT. The amount will remain reserved for seven days or until the intended recipient has signed up to TWINT or BCV TWINT.
  • You cannot request money from someone who does not have TWINT or BCV TWINT.

Can I add a message when I'm sending or requesting money?

  • You can send a message of up to 400 characters. You can also add a photo.

Is it possible to cancel a transfer?

  • No, this is not possible unless the intended recipient does not yet have TWINT or BCV TWINT, in which case you can cancel the transfer using the “Statement entries” menu.

Is it possible to cancel a request?

  • Yes, you can cancel the request using the “Statement entries” menu.

What will happen if I’ve downloaded multiple TWINT apps?

  • When you transfer money to friends or family using your smartphone, the last TWINT app that you downloaded will be used by default.

Checking transactions

Can I view my previous payments in the BCV TWINT app?

  • Yes, you can view all of your payments at any time using the “Statement entries” menu.

Why can't I see exactly what I've bought under “Statement entries?”

  • BCV TWINT does not have any detailed information about your purchases, only the place and amount of each transaction.

Can I use information in “Statement entries” as a guarantee receipt?

  • No, this information cannot be used as a guarantee receipt or a substitute for your cash-register receipt. It is provided only to enable you to keep an overview of your spending.

Managing customer loyalty cards, stamp cards, and other offers


What is a coupon and how can I use one?

  • Merchants may offer you coupons, discounts and other benefits via BCV TWINT. You can find available coupons in the “Offers” section of the app. If you would like to use a coupon, tap “Activate.” You will receive the benefit – usually automatically – the next time you make an eligible payment.

What should I do with my stamp cards?

  • You can use your stamp cards digitally by registering them with BCV TWINT. When you pay using BCV TWINT, you will automatically collect points on your cards. You will receive a message informing you when you qualify for a gift or other benefit from a merchant.

I don't want to make use of stamp cards or coupons. What can I do?

  • You can deactivate offers by going to “More > Conditions of use > Third-party offers.” Once this feature is deactivated, you will not see any coupons or stamp cards under “Offers.”

How can I register my stamp cards with BCV TWINT?

  • You can register your customer loyalty cards (such as a Coop Supercard or TCS members' card) under “Offers > Cards.”

Are my registered cards automatically displayed when I make a payment or do I have to show them to the merchant on my smartphone?

  • In general, you will automatically receive the benefits arising from your cards when you pay with BCV TWINT. However, some cards must be presented, in which case you must display them in BCV TWINT and show them to the merchant.

For how long are coupons and other offers in the BCV TWINT app valid?

  • This depends on the merchants offering them, and differs between offers.

Changing settings


Where can I change my personal details?

  • You can change your personal information under “More > Profile settings > Personal details.” If you change your information, BCV TWINT will check your identity again.

Where can I change language settings?

  • You can change the BCV TWINT display language under “More > Profile settings > Language.” TWINT is available in French, German, Italian, and English.

Where can I find information on the General Terms and Conditions?

  • You can find the General Terms and Conditions and information on value-added services (“Third-party offers”) under “More > Conditions of use.”

Conditions of use


Is the amount I can spend with BCV TWINT limited?

  • With BCV TWINT, you can transfer up to CHF 4,000 per day and per month to other people, and make in-store or online purchases of up to CHF 5,000 per day and per month.

Why does BCV TWINT require authorization to access my phone's camera and contacts, for example?

  • The app needs to access your phone's camera to scan QR codes during the identification process and if you want to add a photo when transferring money. BCV TWINT uses your contacts in connection with the “Send money” function, so that the names of the intended recipients are displayed in BCV TWINT.

Does BCV TWINT disclose my data to third parties?

  • TWINT never discloses individual data to providers and/or third parties, unless you have given your express consent, for example when registering a customer loyalty card with BCV TWINT. The solution has been reviewed by Switzerland's Federal Data Protection and Information Commissioner (FDPIC) and has been rated as exemplary.

Do I have to enter my code every time I want to make a payment?

  • No, amounts of up to CHF 40 do not require you to enter a code.

Can I increase the maximum value of payments I can make without entering my code?

  • Yes, you can increase or decrease the limit by adjusting your personal settings: go to “More > Profile settings > Security > Automatic release up to” and specify the desired amount.

Security problems

I've lost my smartphone. What can I do?

  • You can have your BCV TWINT account blocked at any time by calling the Customer Service hotline (0844 228 228) at any time. The line is open 24/7. No money is stored on your smartphone, so no money can be lost.

Who is liable in the event of damage or fraud?

  • As is the case with your wallet, you have sole responsibility for your money. If your smartphone is stolen, if you suspect fraudulent activity, or if you see inconsistencies in your transactions, contact TWINT Customer Services immediately on 058 667 98 41. Cases of fraud are assessed individually.

How can I protect myself to ensure that nobody misuses my BCV TWINT app, for example if my smartphone is stolen?

  • The BCV TWINT app can be started only using your fingerprint or your security code. Important: the email address you give as your security contact must not be linked to your smartphone, to prevent any unauthorized person from resetting your code on your smartphone.

Does BCV TWINT use my usage data and profile information?

  • BCV TWINT uses this information only if you have expressly agreed to receive third-party offers. This solution has been reviewed by Switzerland's Federal Data Protection and Information Commissioner (FDPIC) and has been rated as exemplary. If you agree, BCV TWINT uses the data to display offers appropriate for you in the app.

How are my data protected?

  • Your data are stored centrally on a server in a secure location in Switzerland. The TWINT server uses the same security measures as a bank to protect its data. TWINT has external companies regularly carry out audits to ensure that its data are properly protected.

Problems using BCV TWINT

I'm unable to make a payment using a Beacon. What could the problem be?

  • Tell the store staff that you would like to pay using TWINT. On your smartphone, check that Bluetooth is switched on. Hold the smartphone 5–10 cm away from the Beacon, open BCV TWINT, and tap “Pay now.” It is possible that a WiFi signal is causing interference. Disable WiFi on your smartphone and try again.

I can't connect to BCV TWINT even though I've already got an account with the central TWINT app. What should I do?

  • For each different TWINT app, you must create a new profile with a new code. When you open the app, select “Register” instead of “Log in.”

Can I connect BCV TWINT to a different account from the one I selected when I signed up?

  • To select another account, you must cancel your current BCV TWINT account by calling the Customer Service department on 0844 228 228, then register with BCV TWINT again using the new account details.

I can't scan the QR code when making a payment. What should I do?

  • A numerical code is displayed on your phone at the same time as the QR code: enter the numerical code in the relevant field and continue with your payment.

Having trouble registering with BCV Mobile or BCV TWINT?

  • Contact us on 0844 228 228.

Business customers



As a merchant, what are the benefits of using or accepting TWINT as a payment method?

  • TWINT offers a simple payment process with attractive fees across all channels: in-store checkouts, vending machines, online stores, app stores, and on the go with a smartphone or tablet.
  • Your customer loyalty cards and stamp cards can be used digitally with TWINT.
  • TWINT allows you to carry out mobile marketing by targeting offers directly at a specific group, and allows you to measure the success of a marketing campaign.
  • TWINT's infrastructure is cheap to use and easy to connect to.

Which merchants can use TWINT?

  • TWINT is suitable for all merchants due to its wide range of connection options. Find out which TWINT solution is right for you at www.twint.ch.

As a merchant, what infrastructure do I need to offer TWINT as a payment method?

  • You can use TWINT with your existing terminals if they can display QR codes, or with modern point-of-sale software. If you want to use TWINT via your point-of-sale software, you need a TWINT Beacon, which you will receive when you sign up to TWINT (CHF 95 per unit, including a three-year warranty).
  • You can receive payments via TWINT even if you have no payment infrastructure: install the TWINT merchant app on your tablet (iOS or Android) or use our MacOS or Windows solutions. Self-service QR codes are available for self-service stores.

Which point-of-sale software systems already support TWINT?

  • Several major providers of point-of-sale software have already integrated TWINT into their software or are currently implementing TWINT. For more information, visit www.twint.ch.

How can I integrate TWINT into my e-commerce system?

  • You can do that via a payment service provider (such as Datatrans, PostFinance, or SIX Saferpay) or using a store plugin.

Which online store systems already have TWINT plugins available?

  • Many online store systems have TWINT plugins and the number is increasing all the time. Please see the current list. You can obtain a plugin very easily via Customweb. To avoid additional effort on your part, you can arrange for Customweb to handle the installation immediately. There is a one-off charge, starting at CHF 200 (excluding sales tax).

How can I implement TWINT in my vending machines?

  • The process depends on the type of vending machine you have. Please contact your acquirer if you are interested in this.

What will TWINT cost me as a merchant?

  • As a merchant, you must cover transaction costs (which depend on the acquirer) and the one-off cost of any TWINT Beacons you require (CHF 95 per unit, including a three-year warranty). The TWINT merchant app, the MacOS solution, and the Windows solution are free of charge: you just need a suitable device to run them. Mobile marketing costs can be found at www.twint.ch.

How do I receive my money as a merchant?

  • The total value of transactions executed up to 11pm on a given day will be credited to your account with a value date of 2 days later. Every day, you will receive a list of transactions executed and their payment dates.

What are coupons and what are their benefits for me as a merchant?

  • TWINT coupons are digital discounts that appear directly in TWINT users’ apps. Coupons let you display your marketing campaign in a place that your customers look at very frequently – their smartphones. Coupons are a way for you to increase your sales and reach your target group without any waste coverage. Further information about mobile marketing and ordering options can be found on www.twint.ch.

What are stamp cards and what is their benefit for me as a merchant?

  • TWINT stamp cards are digital reward cards that users store directly in the TWINT app. As with conventional stamp cards, you can reward your customers for their loyalty, for example giving them a coupon after they have made ten purchases. The benefit for you consists of increased customer loyalty and higher sales.

How can my customer loyalty card (or my existing customer loyalty program) be integrated with the TWINT app?

  • We will be happy to discuss the integration options with you. Please contact us by email at sales@twint.ch.

How can I contact TWINT?

  • You can reach the Customer Service department by phone on 058 667 98 44 or by email at support@twint.ch.

My terminal is not a SIX or Aduno terminal: can I implement TWINT?

  • No.

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