Swisscanto and BCV form an alliance in indirect Swiss real estate investments

Press Release from 5 May 2019

The Swisscanto (CH) Real Estate Fund Switzerland indirect fund will be jointly managed by Swisscanto Invest and BCV as of early May 2019.

The Swisscanto (CH) Real Estate Fund Switzerland indirect (ISIN: CH0192252093) is now jointly managed by Swisscanto Invest - the Asset Management of Zürcher Kantonalbank - and BCV. This focused cooperation between the two largest Swiss cantonal banks makes it possible to combine expertise and provide optimal coverage of the Swiss market.

The fund invests primarily in Swiss real estate funds and real estate shares and offers investors access to all forms of investment in the Swiss real estate market through indirect real estate investments. A joint Investment Committee is responsible for coordination between the asset management departments of both cantonal banks. According to the division of portfolio responsibilities, Swisscanto Invest assumes the selection of listed real estate funds while BCV is responsible for investments in listed real estate shares and all non-listed securities. The pricing as well as investment policy of the fund remain unchanged.

Iwan Deplazes, Head of Asset Management for Swisscanto Invest by Zürcher Kantonalbank, commented: "By cooperating in this way, we are promoting valuable knowledge sharing between our institutions in asset management with the shared aim of further increasing the attractiveness of the Swisscanto (CH) Real Estate Fund Switzerland indirect for our investors."

Michel Aubry, Head of Asset Management for BCV, added: "Using the synergies resulting from our cooperation, we are able to offer private investors an attractive investment opportunity, which benefits from our recognised expertise on the Swiss market for indirect real estate investments. The management of the fund has been reorganised to take into account the specific needs of private customers."

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