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Making it about more than just banking: BCV in the Vaud community

BCV has been an active member of the Vaud community for 175 years. We allocate around 2% of the Bank’s net profit to sponsorships and donations every year, supporting over 650 sports, cultural, community, and environmental organizations and events across the canton. The BCV art collection is the largest private-sector collection of paintings by artists from Vaud or with ties to our Canton.



associations and events sponsored

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Over 2,200

works by local artists are in the BCV art collection

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Prioritizing our employees’ work-life balance and skills development

We're aware that as our employees’ lives change, they may need to adjust how they work. That’s why we make it possible for staff, including those in management and other senior positions, to work part time if they need to at some point in their career. We also help people transition back to the working world after taking a break in their career, most notably via our "Rejoignez-nous" program and a daycare center that can take in up to 35 children. And as part of our BCV Generosity program, we give employees leave each year to spend time volunteering for their favorite NGO or charity.

We encourage our employees to further develop their skills through an array of continuing education opportunities. Our training center – the only one of its kind in Vaud Canton – delivered the equivalent of 7,900 employee training days in 2019, a quarter of which were distance learning.  At end-2019, we had provided job training for 98 trainees, including apprentices and high school graduates.


Average days of training per employee in 2019

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