Environmental sustainability

Reducing our carbon footprint

We have been measuring our carbon footprint since 2008 and taking the necessary measures to reduce our impact on the environment. For example, we signed an agreement with the Canton of Vaud as part of a framework for major energy consumers and committed to reducing our electricity consumption at our flagship sites in Prilly and St. François in Lausanne.

In 2019, BCV earned a B grade – the third highest – on the CDP Global survey, which assesses companies’ carbon footprints.

And we have offset the greenhouse gas emissions from our operations by financing carbon reduction and sequestration projects with myclimate, a Swiss non-profit organization.






in CO2 emissions per employee (FTE)



paper used across our business



of waste sorted and recycled

Socially responsible investing at BCV

When it comes to managing our clients’ investments, we take a responsible and sustainable approach that factors in environmental, social, and governance criteria. The thematic funds we offer invest in companies that work to tackle sustainability issues such as climate change.


Helping tackle climate change through responsible lending

We’re mindful of the environmental risks and impacts of the projects we finance. That’s why our lending activities are guided by a set of key principles. Our lending policy excludes the financing of projects relating to coal mines or nuclear and coal-fired power plants, and we don’t finance transactions involving crude oil, residual fuel oil, or shale gas.

In our trade finance business, we have begun decreasing our coal exposure by 4.5% per year. This is at a slightly faster pace than the phase-out requirements under a scenario that meets the emissions target set out in the Paris Agreement.

And when it comes to mortgage lending, we offer a Green bonus for energy-efficent and environmentally oriented renovations. Customers are rewarded with a 0.25 percentage-point reduction on the interest rate of their loan in order to promote energy efficiency and renewable-energy projects.



percentage-point reduction on mortgage interest rates for Minergie® certified purchases and renovations

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