Risk management and asset and liability management are key to our strategy

BCV is a full-service bank and one of the ten biggest banks in Switzerland. We offer professional opportunities in Controlling, Legal, Risk Management and Asset and Liability Management (ALM). Centralized decision-making in our main office in Lausanne means we can act quickly and efficiently.

Rated AA by Standard & Poor’s

Standard & Poor’s reaffirmed BCV’s long-term AA rating on 30 April 2014. This strong rating is a reflection of the Bank’s efforts in recent years in both strategic and operational terms. BCV has sound finances and is managed by proven financial experts.

A range of opportunities

How it all works

You will be doing specialized work in cooperation with colleagues from all our main business lines. For this, you will need a good understanding of finance and of how a full-service, locally oriented bank works. You will face numerous challenges and be given opportunities to advance your career.

Skills development

You will learn from the many risk-management experts working by your side. We also offer junior staff members the training they need to develop their expertise and to apply it to their job at BCV.

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