BCV 3rd pillar accounts

BCV 3rd pillar accounts

Hassle-free savings

Start preparing for your future

  • No fees
  • Tax advantages
  • Set money set aside when you want
Get up to

CHF 100 off

for 18-30 year


Epargne 3 Youth Account

Are you 18–30 years old, living in Switzerland and working?
With an Epargne 3 Youth Account, you can save on your tax bill and start to plan for the future.


Calculate your Epargne 3 savings in just a few clicks

.- CHF
.- CHF


Tax savings

CHF after 1 year
equal to % of your annual payment

CHF after 5 years

Amount in your savings account

CHF after 5 years
including CHF in interest at %

Change in your Epargne 3 savings
Including net payments*, tax savings and interest

* net payments = annual payments - tax savings

The above calculation is based on the information you entered, together with the latest tax and market data provided by netcetera. No guaranteee can be made as to the results of the simulation, which may not be used against those of your competent tax authority.


  • Additional 0.5% on the basic Epargne 3 interest rate
  • We’ll match your first payment by up to CHF 100
  • No management fees
  • You put aside as much as you want, whenever you want
  • Payments into the account are deductible from your taxable income (within the legal limit)
  • The money in your account is not subject to wealth tax, and it is taxed at a reduced rate as you take it out

Conditions de retrait

  • A l’âge légal de la retraite AVS ou, au plus tôt, cinq ans avant. Le preneur de prévoyance qui poursuit une activité lucrative après l'âge ordinaire de la retraite, pour autant qu'il le prouve, peut continuer à cotiser à un 3e pilier et à bénéficier des allègements fiscaux correspondants. La possibilité de déduire les cotisations au 3e pilier sera valable pendant cinq ans après l'âge ordinaire de la retraite.
  • Pour acheter un logement ou l’amortir.
  • En cas de départ définitif de la Suisse.
  • Si vous désirez devenir indépendant.
  • Pour procéder à des rachats de cotisations dans votre caisse de pensions (2e pilier).
  • Lorsque vous êtes au bénéfice d’une rente entière d’invalidité de l’Assurance-invalidité (AI).

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Informationen anfragen

Fees and conditions



Fees and conditions

Interest rate


  • If you want to become self-employed.
  • If you leave Switzerland permanently.
  • If you want to buy a house or pay down your mortgage.
  • If you use the money you withdraw to purchase past years in an occupational pension fund.
  • If you become eligible for full disability benefits in the Swiss social security system.
  • Starting no more than five years before the legal retirement age. If you continue working after the legal retirement age and keep paying into a
    Epargne 3 account, you can get the corresponding tax benefits for up to five years after the legal retirement age.


  • Your income must be subject to Swiss social security contributions.
  • Maximum full-year amount of tax-deductible contributions: CHF 6,826, if you pay into an occupational pension; otherwise, 20% of your income, up to a limit of CHF 34,128

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