Maestro® Junior card

If you're between 7 and 14 years old, our Junior card is just what you need.
You can use it to deposit cash and withdraw money at BCV ATMs.


  • Easy: With your card, it’s simple to make purchases in stores and withdraw money at ATMs
  • Fast: Contactless payment makes using your card even quicker
  • Fun: Get special deals on activities throughout Vaud canton with BCV EXTRA


Practical features

  • Make free withdrawals at BCV and other cantonal bank ATMs (over 1,700 ATMs across Switzerland)
  • Pay without cash in stores with contactless payment
  • Access all of your accounts using a single card thanks to the multi-account function
  • Make payments and withdrawals simply and quickly
  • Review your balances and recent transactions at BCV ATMs
  • Deposit money at certain BCV ATMs
  • Enjoy special deals on activities throughout Vaud canton with BCV EXTRA

Lost or stolen cards

  • If your card is lost or stolen, you can block it immediately on BCV-net or BCV Mobile, or contact us at 0844 228 228. (From abroad, call +41 21 212 10 00.)

Fees and conditions


No fee



You must be between 7 and 14 years old


Daily and monthly limit: CHF 200

For information on any other accounts or services, please refer to the BCV account terms and conditions

Useful documents

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Cartes BCV

L'ensemble des cartes disponibles à la BCV sont décrites en détail.

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Suchbegriffe: MasterCard/ Carte Maestro/ Visa/ Argent/ Gold/ Platinum


Sécurité des opérations Maestro

Ce document décrit les réflexes à avoir dans l'usage de votre carte Maestro pour déjouer les tentatives de fraude.

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Suchbegriffe: Sécurité/ Flyer


BCV account terms and conditions

This brochure provides you with information on the fees and conditions applicable to your banking transactions.

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