BCV-net mobile

With our BCV-net mobile app, you can manage your bank accounts, carry out transactions, and get general bank and currency information on your iPhone, iPad, or Android* smartphone or tablet.

BCV-net mobile combines the convenience of anytime, anywhere banking with the latest in data security.


Download the app

Download the BCV Mobile app free of charge at:



*iPhone and iPad are trademarks of Apple Inc. Android is a trademark of Google Inc.


  • Free of charge
  • Certain features can be used by anyone, not just BCV customers
  • Enhanced security and flexibility

New BCV Mobile features



For all app users

  • Find BCV branches and ATMs 24/7
  • Find contact info for BCV branches
  • Perform currency conversions
  • Check out the full range of BCV Extra promotions 

Exclusively for BCV-net customers

  • View your current and savings account info
  • Manage payments while you're on the go
  • Track your credit and debit card transactions
  • Keep up-to-date 24/7 with text alerts

Secure log-in

Every time you log in with your user ID and password, BCV Mobile will send you a text message with the authentication code you need to complete your log-in.

Free of charge

Our BCV Mobile app is available for free. Check out our demo version.

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Useful documents

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BCV-net membership agreement

BCV clients use this application form to sign up for BCV-net online banking.

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BCV-net Terms and Conditions of Use

Once your BCV-net membership agreement has been approved, be sure to familiarize yourself with the terms and conditions of use.

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BCV's General conditions

BCV's General Conditions govern the Bank's relationship with its clients.

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Votre banque 24h/24

Les solutions digitales de la BCV sont au top en matière de fonctionnalités. Mises à jour plusieurs fois par année, elles sont exactement comme vous les attendez: efficaces, conviviales et parfaitement adaptées à vos besoins.

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BCV Youth Accounts

Whether you’re a student, in vocational training, or working and under 30, we have special, all-in-one banking packs just for you. They offer a simple way to manage your money, save for a rainy day, and pay for purchases by card.

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Budget mensuel

Que vous soyez apprenti(e), étudiant(e) ou jeune employé(e), cette feuille excel vous permet de calculer facilement votre budget.

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Cartes BCV

L'ensemble des cartes disponibles à la BCV sont décrites en détail.

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Suchbegriffe: MasterCard/ Carte Maestro/ Visa/ Argent/ Gold/ Platinum

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