Portfolio 3

Vous souhaitez investir vos avoirs de prévoyance à long terme sur les marchés financiers et ainsi bénéficier d’opportunités d'un rendement supérieur à celui de l’épargne3 traditionnelle ? Portfolio 3 est le complément idéal au compte Épargne 3.

J- pour économiser sur vos impôts 2020


  • Funds in your Epargne 3 savings account can be invested on a monthly basis, either automatically or when you decide.
  • You can always keep some cash readily available in your Epargne 3 account.
  • You can cancel investment orders at any time, and you can convert your investments into cash whenever you want.
  • You won't be charged any brokerage or payout fees or any fees for account-handling or administration. 


Boost your returns with financial-market investments

With a Portfolio 3 account, you can take advantage of potential gains in the financial markets to boost the returns on your savings. However, you will be taking on a higher level of risk.

Choose among four investment strategies:

Stratégie Portfolio3

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