Renovating your home

You may decide to renovate your house or apartment to make it more comfortable, increase its value or make energy-efficiency savings. Renovation expenses are tax-deductible, and you can save even more money if you go green. Turn to BCV for the right financing solution for your needs.


Steps in renovating your home


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Set the terms of the loan

Pay for the work

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Renovation solutions

Plan out the project wisely

If you have a number of improvements to make, it may make sense to do them sequentially. That may allow you to continue living in your home during the various steps of the renovation and spread the cost out over time. Alternatively, you can get the entire renovation done at once. By lumping a bunch of small projects together, you may be able to eliminate some overlapping expenses.

Mortgage loans

When it comes to financing the renovation work, look to BCV's mortgage solutions. With a fixed-rate mortgage loan, your monthly payments are constant – and this can make budgeting easier. Our short term mortgage loan is a flexible solution that closely aligns your interest rate with current market conditions. And with our variable-rate mortgage loan, your payments go down when interest rates fall – but there is a risk that they may rise as well.

Building Plus loan

Whether you are renovating your home or building it from scratch, our Building Plus loan is a simple, safe alternative. You will have only one loan – and one interest rate – for both the renovation (or construction) phase and the subsequent mortgage. The loan agreement can be for anywhere from four to ten years.

Tax advantages

In most cases, renovation work on your house or apartment is fully tax-deductible. You can also deduct expenses for energy-efficiency improvements, such as replacing old building materials or fixtures.

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Buying a home in Switzerland

Owning your home is more than just an investment: it is a major decision that should be carefully considered.

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