Building your own home

When you build your own home, you can design it the way you want it – down to the last detail. That also means you’ll have countless decisions to make, and you’ll need to keep tabs on the worksite. Once you’ve found the plot of land you want to build on, contact your BCV advisor about financing.


Make sure everything goes smoothly

Choosing the plot of land

When you find a plot of land to your liking, check to make sure that the land can be built on and see if there are any easements (such as the right-of-way). You should also find out whether houses or other buildings may be built on the land bordering your plot.

During the construction phase, be sure to work only with experienced and certified professionals in the building industry. Keep an eye on spending by your contractors and whether deadlines are being met. You can get useful tips and guidelines from the Chambre Vaudoise Immobilière and the Fédération Vaudoise des Entrepreneurs

Building Plus loan

Our Building Plus loan is the ideal solution for financing the construction of your new house or apartment. With just one loan agreement, you can cover the construction phase and the first few years of home ownership. The loan agreement will include a fixed-rate loan with a term of anywhere from four to ten years.

Peace of mind

In addition to the various types of insurance required by law, you may also want to sign up for more extensive coverage. You can, for example, protect against damage to the property or damage resulting from a building or material defect, negligence, carelessness or faulty execution.

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Buying a home in Switzerland

Owning your home is more than just an investment: it is a major decision that should be carefully considered.

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