Renovating your home

If you have a number of renovations to make, you should try to do as many of them as you can in one go. That way you can leverage synergies between the different types of work, making the overall renovation cheaper.

Renovation, step by step

With some careful planning, you can still live in the property during the various phases of the renovation and spread the cost out over time.

  1. Plan out the renovation
  2. Simulate various financing scenarios
  3. Meet with one of our advisors
  4. Set the terms of the loan
  5. Pay for the work

Solutions, whatever your needs

Fixed-rate mortgage loan

With our fixed-rate loan, you'll know exactly how much your loan payment will be every month. Ideal if you have a steady income and want to avoid any unpleasant surprises from rising interest rates.

Variable-rate mortgage loan

Opt for a variable-rate loan if you aren't bothered by changing interest rates and want to be able to save money when rates go down – knowing that they might also go up.

Libor mortgage loan

If you follow the financial markets closely and generally have a good idea of where interest rates are headed, then our Libor-linked loan could be for you. It lets you take advantage of falling interest rates, or even refinance your loan if market conditions change.

Home construction loan

Our easy, secure Building Plus loan can be used to finance all types of home construction and renovation projects.

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