Silicon Valley Startup Camp

BCV gives local high-potential students interested in setting up their own business the chance to kindle their entrepreneurial spirit in Silicon Valley.

Silicon Valley Start-up Camp

A hotbed of innovation

The week-long camp is run by BCV in conjunction with the University of Lausanne, the EPFL and the Canton's specialized institutes. So far twenty local students have been given the chance to cultivate their entrepreneurial spirit in the Valley. We intend to run the camp for a total of five years, sending ten students each year.

The camp was developed with Swissnex San Francisco, a Swiss organization whose mandate is to strengthen ties between Switzerland and North America in the areas of science, education, art and innovation.

Learning from the big boys

The ten students, selected by a group of experts, fly to California for a packed schedule of tailor-made workshops, visits to universities, meetings with venture capitalists, and insider tours of companies such as Airbnb, Square and Twitter. This gives them first-hand exposure to the entrepreneurial mindset that is so prevalent in the Valley.

Getting off to a good start

I attended the 2013 camp, and not long after I got back I started my own company. I couldn’t have done it without the experience I gained while in the Valley.

Florian Segginger, co-founder of Pimp My Wall

Pimp My Wall turns the sides of buildings into giant interactive screens.

Highlights of the 2013 and 2014 camps

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