FinanceMission is a Swiss-wide initiative backed by BCV and aimed at helping adolescents manage their money and keep track of their spending. This educational game teaches important lessons that can help prevent them from getting burdened down by debt later in life.

FinanceMission Heroes

More than just a game

To teach young people how to be responsible with their money, FinanceMission uses:

  • educational materials geared towards all levels of secondary school in French-speaking Switzerland and aligned with the region's teaching objectives; and 
  • an educational computer game and app called FinanceMission Heroes designed to support students' regular school curriculum.


In mid-May 2018, FinanceMission was recognized as a supplemental digital teaching resource by the Intercantonal Educational Commission of Ticino and French-Speaking Switzerland (CIIP). It will therefore be included in teaching degree programs in French-speaking Switzerland.

Making learning fun

FinanceMission Heroes is for children and adolescents aged seven and up, and is an entertaining way to teach them about money.


In the game they play the role of a superhero who has to rid a city of robots. To win, they have to organize their time efficiently, set up a budget, and choose a financial strategy suited to the objects they have.

FinanceMissionHeroes 2


Download FinanceMission Heroes

Available for free at  or from


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Ethical standards

FinanceMission is a joint project backed by Switzerland’s 24 cantonal banks and the teaching unions Syndicat des enseignants romands (SER) and Dachverband Lehrerinnen und Lehrer Schweiz (LCH).

It was developed according to the highest standards of business ethics. The cantonal banks, for example, have no say in the content of FinanceMission educational materials or the FinanceMission Heroes computer game and app, and cannot use their support of the game for promotional purposes. The game has a PEGI rating and does not contain any in-app advertising.

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