Corporate Social Responsibility

Sustainability: the heart of our mission as Vaud’s cantonal bank

Corporate social responsibility at BCV dates back to 1845. Our mission: Contribute to the economic development of the Canton.

Since then, we have continued to deliver on our mission in line with the principles of economically, environmentally, and socially sustainable development.

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2020 Sustainability Report

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2020 Sustainability Report

Our Sustainability Report details how we have embedded sustainable development into our Bank’s activities and offers a broad, transparent view of what we are doing to fulfill our commitments. It has been prepared in accordance with the GRI Standards, the worldwide reference for reporting on sustainable development issues.

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Customer experience

«The Covid-19 loan proved a lifeline during the second wave.»

BCV helped local businesses weather the pandemic by granting government-backed bridge loans to clients in need. How did Vaud companies use their loans? Find out more about the experience of David Lizzola, CEO and founder of Léguriviera Groupe.

  • Read more about the role we played in Vaud Canton during the Covid-19 crisis in our Sustainability Report.

Partners and certifications


In 2020, BCV entered into a long-term strategic partnership with Ethos, which specializes in socially responsible investing (SRI), in order to offer sustainable investment products. Over the next few years, BCV and Ethos will work together closely to create a new center of expertise in sustainable finance in Switzerland.


BCV signed the United Nations Principles for Responsible Investment (UNPRI), which seek to promote a sustainable financial system. The UNPRI are the most comprehensive and widely recognized standards for responsible investment.  


BCV is a member of Swiss Sustainable Finance (SSF), which aims to strengthen Switzerland’s position as a hub for sustainable finance by raising awareness, providing training, an encouraging a forward-thinking approach to growth.


In 2011, BCV began participating in the annual CDP Global survey, which collects data on companies’ greenhouse gas emissions to incentivize them to reduce their carbon footprint. Our score has improved considerably over the years, and in 2020 we earned an A- grade – putting us in the leadership category.

Swiss Climate

BCV commissions Swiss Climate to measure the Bank’s carbon footprint using the methodology set out in ISO 14064-1 and in the GHG Protocol Corporate Standard. We also work with Swiss Climate to shrink our carbon footprint and use resources more efficiently across our operations.

Swiss Climate Label Certified CO2 Neutral

This label is awarded to businesses with a climate policy that includes reducing and offsetting greenhouse gas emissions. The certification program sets a high benchmark for verifiability and transparency because it includes independent audits and adheres to international standards (ISO 14064-1 and the Greenhouse Gas Protocol).


Angélique Chatton

Angélique Chatton
Head of Corporate Social Responsibility
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