BCV’s Back Office: The nerve center of our Bank

More than 65 million accounting transactions are carried out every year in the Back Office. That’s because all of our Bank’s business lines – from the Trading Floor and Trade Finance to Private Banking, Retail Banking, and Asset Management – go through this department. By working in the Back Office, you will get a comprehensive view of what it means to be a universal bank.

Managing processes in an environment of constant change

With products, regulations, and IT processes developing all the time, the Back Office is in a state of constant change. This will require you to be flexible and adaptable.

Multiple skills

BCV is the only bank in French-speaking Switzerland to offer such a broad array of back-office activities. This will require you to use a variety of skills in finance, law, and IT. Even your language skills will be in demand.

Advancement opportunities

We offer numerous job and career-development opportunities, from data entry to core business expertise, from business analysis to project management, and all the way up to managerial roles.

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