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At BCV, we have introduced several initiatives to promote the role of women at work. One example is Rejoignez-nous, a training program that prepares around ten women each year to either return to work or take their career in a new direction.

BCV’s Rejoignez-nous program (in French only)


Rejoignez-nous: a pioneering initiative

In 2006, BCV became the first bank in Switzerland to launch a training program intended first and foremost for women. With this initiative, we aim to encourage talented, motivated individuals who have taken a break in their career – or who simply want to move in a different direction professionally – to seek a position in the banking industry.

Participants are paid a salary while they complete this one-year program that combines classwork with hands-on experience. Here are some of the highlights:

  • You receive a one-month introduction to the Swiss banking industry, regardless of the field you choose. This introduction, designed in partnership with the CYP training institute, is geared specifically towards people re-entering the workforce. There will be tests throughout the month to evaluate what you have learned.
  • The training program is customized to the banking business line you wish to work in.
  • You prepare for and obtain the certifications you will need to work in your desired profession.
  • You attend presentations on BCV’s business lines (depending on the career path you choose).
  • BCV internships are offered in various Bank departments (depending on the career path you choose).
  • HR tracks your progress and you benefit from personalized management.
  • You work with our experienced teams on real situations every day to become productive and autonomous as quickly as possible.

Through Rejoignez-nous, you can specialize in a particular area of banking while also gaining a comprehensive overview of BCV and its activities. It’s your springboard into the world of banking and an opportunity to create your own professional network.

Thus far, we have offered around 10 banking professions, and Rejoignez-nous graduates now occupy some 20 different positions across 15 departments.

The Rejoignez-nous initiative has also helped increase the number of women in management positions. For example, today women make up more than 50% of client advisors and nearly 40% of branch managers.


Women at BCV

The number of women in management positions is on the rise.

Rejoignez-nous - Graphique

Move into a new field

I’m very happy I took on the challenge of getting back into the working world. I learn something new every day and am never bored. I’ve discovered a new profession, a new business sector, and I couldn’t ask for more. The effort I’ve put in has really paid off.


Isabelle Charbonnel, Villars Branch Manager working at 90% of FTE since 2015; she was previously a senior product manager in a large agri-food group. 

Isabelle Charbonnel


When I had my fourth child, I took a break and thought about my different options. I could either go back to what I knew in the telecom industry – or I could explore a new profession. BCV’s program attracted me and gave me the support I needed to rekindle my career. I advanced very quickly in an area I knew nothing about but found fascinating: taxation.


Adeline Domenget, Tax Expert working at 90% of FTE since 2017; she was previously a business plan manager for a major telecom group. 

Adeline Domenget

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Frequently asked questions (FAQ):


When do you start accepting applications?

Our hiring campaign starts in the spring. Interviews take place in May and June, and the program begins in September.

May I apply at any time during the year?

You should wait until the campaign starts. The areas offered vary each year depending on the business lines’ needs and the time employees can devote to training.

May I apply to more than one area?

Yes, but we recommend that you carefully read the description of each business line as well as the related documentation that explains in detail the requirements for each position.

When does the program start?

You must start at the beginning of September. One of the strengths of Rejoignez-nous is that you are part of a cohort. By meeting your new colleagues during that first month, you will build your network and create a positive learning environment.

What is the rest of the year like?

After the first month at BCV’s training center in Prilly, you will join the BCV employees in the banking field you selected, alternating between theory and practice. In many of the businesses, the training is most intense during the first five months.

Which businesses have welcomed Rejoignez-nous trainees so far?

As of today, Rejoignez-nous participants have worked with 10 business lines: Retail Banking, SMEs, Private Banking, Tax and Wealth Planning, Back Office, Credit Analysis Support, Trade Finance, Audit, the Trading Floor, and ALM. Since joining, graduates have advanced in their original departments while others have moved on to businesses as diverse as Security, Global Custody, IT, Digital & Multichannel Banking, Credit Analysis – Trade Finance, or the divisional management teams. Today every division in the Bank has employees who were trained in the Rejoignez-nous program.

How many people participate in the program each year?

Around 10 people participate in the program each year.

At what percentage of FTE can I take part in the program?

You must be at 100% for the first two months. Thereafter you can decrease the percentage, but not to lower than 80%. You must be prepared to be flexible, because the training schedule is planned in advance and cannot be changed.

What are the opportunities offered at the end of the 12-month period?

The Bank does not guarantee you a position at the end of the training program. Many factors determine whether you are hired under a permanent contract, such as job openings and your compatibility with the position.

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