A bank with deep roots

We are one of Switzerland's biggest banks and a pillar of the Vaud economy. We have more branches than any other bank in the Canton, with a comprehensive range of products and services for every banking need.

For the past 175 years, BCV has been working to support our local economy and provide superior service to residents and businesses across Vaud.


A 2018 survey carried out by the LINK Institut on what people think of the main banks in Vaud found that BCV was the most recommended.

The survey was conducted by phone on a representative sample of 1,004 Vaud residents, asking them if they would recommend BCV to a friend.

Recommanded 2018 (FR/AN)

Wherever you are

With over 60 branches and 230 ATMs across Vaud, we offer the largest banking network in the region. You can also sign up for 24/7 online banking through BCV-net and our mobile app, BCV Mobile.

A deux pas

Whatever you need

We offer comprehensive services through four customer-focused business lines: Retail Banking, Private Banking, Corporate Banking, and Asset Management & Trading.

Pour tous


A fixture in Vaud Canton

Established in 1845, BCV has steadily expanded its operations and branch network to better serve the residents of Vaud.


A strong corporate culture

At BCV, we believe that a key to long-term success is ensuring that all our employees share a common culture built around core values. Those values underpin all our actions – as well as our interactions with customers and colleagues.

Une culture forte


Core businesses

Retail Banking

We provide a full range of banking services targeted to the needs of students, households, and the retired. Our current accounts, savings accounts, mortgage loans, retirement accounts, and life and disability insurance are designed to help customers achieve their goals and plan for the future. And we finance one out of every three newly-built homes in Vaud.

Private Banking

Our Private Banking advisors draw on years of experience to help high-net-worth individuals manage their finances and investments for the long term. Our advisors also provide personalized advice on issues such as tax planning, estate planning, life insurance, and disability coverage.

Corporate Banking

With targeted services for companies big and small, we help enterprises grow within Vaud and around the world. Our services cover the entire business lifecycle from start-up through to succession. In total, we provide some CHF 9.9 billion in financing to Vaud businesses.

Asset Management

We manage assets for public-sector institutions like
pension funds and foundations, investing their money in financial markets so as to generate solid returns.


We have our own trading room, which gives us greater independence in carrying out transactions. Investors and businesses can buy and sell stocks, bonds, and currencies through a BCV trader. We also offer a trading platform where customers – whether novice investors or seasoned hands – can buy and sell securities themselves.

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