Payment terminals

Payment terminals (or card readers) make it easy to accept cashless payments in your store.


  • Customers can make cashless payments in just seconds
  • Cuts down on the time it takes to process cash payments
  • The risk of theft is lower than with cash (which can be stolen in the store or on the way to the bank)
  • Lets you capture sales opportunities by catering to clients who pay only by card 


Choose between two types of payment terminals.

Mobile terminals

These rugged, portable, and easy-to-use terminals are the ideal solution if you’re a traveling merchant, self-employed, or don't carry out a lot of transactions. It can also be a good idea for individuals and non-profit organizations to have one on hand for occasional transactions.  

You simply need a smartphone to process your customers’ payments.

And the device only costs around CHF 100.

Countertop terminals

For merchants who regularly accept a large number of payments, this terminal can be used with or without an interface with a cash register.

Several types of devices are available depending on your business needs: lightweight, fully integrated with a cash register, usable outside, etc.  

You can also rent or lease a terminal.

goCard! packages

Make cashless payments easier for your customers by choosing one of the goCard! packages offered by SIX Payment Services.


Learn more about goCard! packages



Use your terminal to
collect TWINT payments. At
checkout, your customers will see a QR code that they can scan with their
smartphones. This system is available
for both mobile and countertop terminals.


Learn more about TWINT

Caisse avec terminal

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