Business succession

SME advisor Sylvia Papasidero worked with Laurence and Eros Fasciolo every step of the way as they bought the Maison du Blé et du Pain museum and bakery.

Local expertise and an expansive partner network

Habitat et Confort
Don’t take on more than you can handle

David Chamoso & Alexandre Schneiter

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Our successors will take the company even further

Jean-Marc Probst

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After narrowing my list down to two banks, I chose BCV – they've been with me every step of the way since.

Amato Cavaliere

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My BCV advisor knows each and every one of my employees.

Carlos Convers

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The importance of good advice

  • Don’t go it alone. There are legal and financial questions to consider when buying or selling a business. Be sure to call on the support of experts in both of these areas.
  • BCV is an excellent starting point. We work with 25,000 SMEs in Vaud Canton and are involved in dozens of handovers every year. Your advisor can explain how we can help and give you a hand in finding the expertise you need.


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Selling your company – and what happens next

  • Detailed analyses of your company and its finances
  • Input from our pension and tax experts
  • Independent assessments of valuations of your company
  • Succession plans tailored to your needs
  • Assessment of the tax implications
  • Estate planning and wealth planning
Transmettre une entreprise

Buying a company

  • Analyses of the target company
  • Market-based assessments of the asking price
  • Help writing a business plan
  • A tailored financing strategy
  • 360° advisory services for all your new company’s needs
  • Close support throughout the process
Reprendre une entreprise

A guide to selling your business

It's a good idea to start thinking about handing over your business at least five to ten years in advance. 


Nicolas Corod, the head of BCV's business succession team, explains why.
(in French only)

Nicolas Corod

How do I pass my business on to my kids?

Thinking about it far in advance and talking with your family are just two of the steps you need to take before you can successfully hand your business down to the next generation.


Watch the La Télé "VOTRE ARGENT, SPÉCIAL PME" (in French only)


Here are some local businesses we've worked with lately

Bobst Paysagiste
Brönnimann Garden Centre
Grandjean Boucherie Charcuterie
Star Ambulances
JBC Bureautique
Probst Maveg
La Maison du Blé et du Pain

Every year, BCV helps make dozens of business successions happen.

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Whether you’re looking to buy, sell, or transfer a business, BCV will help you every step of the way. Set up an appointment today with one of our experts:

SME Broye and Lavaux

Cédric Ottet

021 721 88 34

SME Chablais

Sébastien Roduit

024 468 31 60

SME Gros-de-Vaud

Stéphane Binggeli

021 886 33 39

SME Lausanne 

Henri-Pierre Monney

021 212 24 19

SME Morges

Patrick Blanc

021 804 05 59

SME Northern Vaud

Alexandre Berthoud

024 423 85 21

SME Nyon

Jean-Daniel Gebhard

022 365 74 54

SME Riviera

Didier Müller

021 925 85 20

Large Corporates

Nicolas Corod

021 212 28 11

Real-Estate Professionals

Harold Frésard

021 212 28 28

You can also use our contact form to specify when you would like one of our experts to call you back.

Useful documents

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Check-list du vendeur

Ce document liste les premières réflexions à mener lorsque vous préparez la transmission de votre entreprise.

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Check-list du repreneur

Cette liste vous permet de vous poser les bonnes questions lorsque l'opportunité de reprendre une entreprise se présente.

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The information you need to stay on track

Financial analyses from our experts, business advice, and the latest developments in the Vaud economy—all available at (French only)


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