Tax planning services

There are some key moments in life – like when you buy or sell your home, set up a business, inherit a large sum, or retire – where your decisions can have a major tax impact. At BCV, we have a team of tax experts on hand to provide detailed advice based on your personal needs and goals.

Our tax planning services

Our tax planning services are for individuals domiciled in Switzerland and subject to Swiss income and wealth tax. Our services comply with Swiss law and include:

  • Tax optimization strategies tailored to your financial situation
  • Answers to specific questions related to a particular event or an important decision you need to make
  • Assistance with declaring real-estate income for tax purposes
  • Advice on becoming domiciled in Switzerland
  • Advice for discussions with tax authorities and appeals against their rulings

Additional services

We can also help minimize the complications of the Swiss tax system for you by:

  • Preparing interim and year-end tax statements for securities accounts
  • Calculating the refundable amount of Switzerland's 35% withholding tax
  • Calculating the refundable amount of the withholding tax on non-Swiss securities



Etablissement de déclaration fiscale suisse

La BCV dispose d'une équipe de spécialistes en mesure de vous aider dans toutes les démarches relatives à l'établissement de votre déclaration d'impôt.

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