Estate planning

Our estate planning services take a holistic look at your financial, professional, and family situation. The goal is to ensure that your wishes are respected at the time of your death, and that your estate is not a source of conflict among your heirs.


What to expect

Our estate planning advisors will sit down with you to determine the best approach in light of your wishes and current legislation. They will help you with the various steps involved in making sure your estate will be transferred smoothly, working with your notary if necessary.

Questions you should consider

Our advisors will help you answer important questions such as:

  • How do you want to divide your estate among your family members, especially if you have a blended family or want to favor a particular heir?
  • What legal measures do you need to take to ensure your will is executed without a hitch?
  • If you want to leave your family business to one of your children, how can you make sure your other heirs are treated fairly?
  • How can you assess the value of your property and other assets so that they are distributed equitably?
  • How can you minimize the tax burden on your heirs when they inherit your estate?

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Useful documents


La planification financière pour une retraite sans souci

Cet article publié dans le magazine Générations Plus en juin 2012 vous explique les grands principes de la planification financière.

File size : 734.72 KB - Last update : 26 January 2015

Keywords: Planification/ Retraite/ GenerationPlus


Le règlement de la succession en droit suisse

Vous serez, un jour ou l’autre, confronté à un problème de succession ou à la liquidation du régime matrimonial. Alors pourquoi ne pas régler les aspects pratiques du droit matrimonial et successoral dès maintenant?

File size : 226.03 KB - Last update : 12 January 2021


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