RP Rente Viagère

RP Rente Viagère is a life annuity contract offered by our partner Retraites Populaires. It lets you invest now for a steady income stream in the future, starting either immediately or at a date of your choosing. The payouts will continue for the rest of your life – even after the capital you invested has been used up.

The technical interest rate on these contracts is attractive and guaranteed by Retraites Populaires.


Immediate payout option

  • You get a guaranteed, steady stream of income for the rest of your life
  • Makes retirement planning easier
  • Offers attractive tax benefits


Invest in a single lump sum today and get a steady income stream starting immediately. The payouts will continue for the rest of your life.

If you opt for immediate payouts, you'll start getting the income as soon as you purchase the Policy.

Rente viagère immédiate



Only available from Retraites Populaires, this option lets you preserve your capital while receiving payouts for the rest of your life. When you die, your initial investment (less stamp duty) will be returned to your heirs.


When you die, your heirs will receive your initial investment less the payouts already made.


This option provides higher payouts because no capital will be returned to your heirs when you die.


When you die, the payouts will continue to your spouse or another beneficiary.




Interest rate

   Guaranteed by Retraites Populaires

Other conditions

  • Federal stamp duty: 2.5%
  • Option of taking out one policy on two people
  • 40% income tax rate on the payouts

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