Retirement, disability and life insurance

In addition to saving for retirement, you should also consider what would happen in the event of a serious illness or injury or premature death. Be sure you have adequate coverage under the Swiss three-pillar system. There's nothing like the peace of mind that comes from knowing your financial needs – and those of your family – will be met no matter what life throws at you.

One step at a time

  • Supplement your coverage under Switzerland's first and second pillars, which may be inadequate for your needs
  • Put money into a tax-free savings account to save up for a new home or retirement (under Pillar 3a)
  • Set up financial protection for you and your family
  • Prepare for your retirement well – and well ahead – to enjoy your golden years

The first pillar of the Swiss system refers to basic social security; the second pillar is your occupational (or company) pension; and the third pillar refers to private pension products (including those shown below) offered by financial institutions. Together, the three pillars provide old-age, disability, and survivors' benefits. The coverage you have under the Swiss system may not be enough, especially if you have not contributed to it for your entire working life or if you drew on your second-pillar pension funds to buy a house or start a business.

Solutions, whatever your needs

Epargne 3

A retirement account where you get all the tax benefits of saving for retirement, without necessarily linking the account to life or disability insurance.

Vested benefits account

Lets you continue growing your Pillar 2 retirement savings if you stop working for a few months or several years.

RP Rente Certaine

A term-certain annuity contract that gives you a steady income stream for a set period of time. The technical interest rate on these contracts is particularly attractive compared with market rates.

RP Rente Viagère

A life annuity contract that lets you convert your wealth into steady income. You can choose between receiving the income immediately and deferring the start of the payments. The income will continue for the rest of your life – even after the capital you invested has been used up. The technical interest rate on these contracts is particularly attractive compared with market rates.

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