Green bonus


We’re here to help you do your bit for the environment by offering attractive interest rates on financing for energy-efficient properties and green renovations.


For clients who:

  • Want to limit the environmental impact of their house or apartment
  • Are buying a property with a CECB eco-rating of A
  • Want to renovate their home to make it more energy efficient



  • Zero interest on your mortgage loan for the first 12 months
  • Reduction applicable to loans to purchase or renovate your home

Bonus conditions

  • Renovations are considered ecological if at least 25% of the total investment (minimum loan amount: CHF 20,000) will be used to make energy-saving improvements that qualify for subsidies. This kind of renovation work includes:
    • Updating your heating system;
    • Changing windows, doors, skylights, etc.;
    • Renovating and insulating your roof.
  • If you are buying a property, it must have a CECB eco-rating of A
  • The term of the loan must be at least five years.

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What is the CECB®?

The Cantonal Building Energy Certificate (CECB) is an eco-rating program recognized by all Swiss cantons. The information contained in the certificate can be used for appraisal purposes and to pinpoint potential energy-efficiency improvements. The certificate shows:

  1. The energy efficiency of the building envelope
  2. The amount of energy needed to run the building under normal conditions.



Rénover avec le Bonus Vert

Cette fiche vous donne les informations de base pour bénéficier d’un Bonus Vert lors de la rénovation d’un bien immobilier.

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