Our investment approach

Choosing the right investments is key to getting the most out of your portfolio. That's why we offer an extensive range of investment products – from BCV exclusives to products offered by our competitors – and regularly review their performance. That’s SMARTPLAYER®, our open-architecture investment concept.

Secure, diversified investments

Asset allocation funds

Our asset allocation funds let you invest even small amounts in the most lucrative financial markets. You can choose among several different investment strategies depending on your risk appetite; your assets will be allocated accordingly so as to maximize your returns. And with our seasoned asset managers at the helm, you can rest assured that your savings are in good hands.

Diversified portfolios

Thanks to our broad lineup of investment funds – enhanced by our SMARTPLAYER® concept and products from partners – you can enjoy the benefits of a diversified portfolio. This open-architecture approach means you get the best in asset management across the board. For savvy investors, we can provide sophisticated investment products like derivatives and structured products. And if you want to invest in the money market, our experts can recommend fiduciary deposits and Dual Currency Certificates.


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