Portfolio account

The Portfolio account is a cash account used to manage the funds involved in your securities transactions. It is linked to a Securities account.


  • You can withdraw your money at any time.
  • You can take out a line of credit against your securities account.
  • No account management fees if you have more than CHF 20,000 in the account.


The Portfolio account is a cash account that can be denominated in Swiss francs and a range of other currencies. It's linked to your Securities account and used to manage your securities transactions, including the purchase or sale of any securities and any coupon payments you receive. There are no withdrawal restrictions.

Fees and conditions



Interest rate

The Portfolio account does not earn interest


  • CHF 48 per year
  • Account management fees of CHF 4 per month (can be waived under certain conditions)

Other conditions

  • Includes up to 12 debits by standing order per year
  • Additional charge for payment orders (direct debits and BCV-Top) and other fees and postage
  • You will be sent interim and full-year account statements

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