Preparing for major life events

Your life will be filled with important milestones, which may include getting married, having children, starting a business, and retiring. And you’ll have major decisions to make at each step of the way. Call on our comprehensive advisory services to review all aspects of your financial situation – including taxes, retirement and estate planning – so that you can make the right choices for now and in the future.

Made-to-measure advisory services

Sharing your life with that special someone

You may decide to get married, enter a registered partnership or move in with someone. Each of these choices has a number of important financial consequences.

Se marier

Starting a family

If you decide to have children, your family budget will have to cover a whole series of new expenses. And if you want to work less to spend more time with your children, your household income could go down considerably. Having children could also lead to new plans and goals for the future.

Arrivée des enfants

Buying a home

If you want to buy a house or apartment, your downpayment must cover at least 20% of the purchase price (and at least half of that must be in cash). Your financial situation is therefore a key factor in the decision to buy – but it's not the only one.

Acheter un bien immobilier

Starting a business

Maybe you've decided to become self-employed or start a company. In addition to the cash you’ll need to get off the ground and past the make-or-break start-up phase, you’ll also have to consider the impact on your retirement planning.

Devenir indépendant

Getting a divorce

Getting a divorce can be a very difficult experience. It is important, however, not to lose sight of the impact it will have on your personal wealth and future retirement benefits. The type of marital property agreement you selected will largely determine the division of property between you and your ex-spouse.


Spending or saving through retirement?

For a comfortable retirement, you need enough pension and investment income to cover your expenses while preserving your wealth over the long term. Broadly speaking, you can choose between an investment-based strategy and a spending-based one.

Préparer votre retraite

Transferring your company: plan it out

It takes time to find the right person to take over your company. During this time, maximize your company's value and viability by keeping an eye on market valuations and investing or divesting judiciously. If you get started early, you will also have time to prepare your own retirement and inheritance strategies.

Transmettre votre entreprise

Inheritance: who gets what

Estate planning is the process of reviewing your estate and deciding how you want it to be divided among your family members after you die. By planning in advance, you can resolve a number of issues before they become problems.

Préparer votre succession

Financial planning

BCV offers top-notch financial-planning services. After doing a comprehensive assessment of your financial situation, your advisor will help you get on track to achieve your financial goals and will assess the feasibility and timing of any special plans you may have.

Planification financière

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