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Fees and conditions

  • CHF 10/month if your family holds at least CHF 15,000 in assets** at BCV or has a BCV mortgage loan (otherwise CHF 25/month)
  • First 6 months free if you're new to BCV

*Subject to conditions. Limits will be set according to your income.
**Family assets:  The assets in each partner's current, savings, and securities accounts at BCV + the assets in Custodial Savings accounts (subject to parental responsibility) of children living at the same address as adult family members


For information on any other accounts or services, see the BCV account terms and conditions 


  • Our Family Classic banking pack is perfect for couples and families that do most of their banking online but prefer counter services for certain transactions. With this banking pack, you can use our full range of services to manage your finances.


With our Family Classic banking pack, you and your spouse or partner both get:

  • A current account (individual and/or joint): To manage your day-to-day finances with ease
    + 1 counter withdrawal per month
    + 1 BCV-Top payment order per month
    + 2 Swiss-franc paper standing orders per month
  • A Savings or e-Savings account: Conventional and online-only accounts for building up your savings
  • A Maestro® card: To make cashless purchases and withdraw and deposite money at BCV and other cantonal bank ATMs (over 1,700 ATMs across Switzerland)
    + 1 Swiss-franc withdrawal at any other ATM in Switzerland per month
  • A Silver Visa/Mastercard®* (or PrePaid credit card): For online and in-store purchases around the world
    or a Gold Visa/Mastercard®* for an additional CHF 6/month
  • BCV-net, BCV Mobile, and BCV TWINT: Digital solutions for your everyday banking needs
  • BCV EXTRA: For discounts on a range of activities by simply showing your Maestro® card

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Useful documents


BCV account terms and conditions

This brochure provides you with information on the fees and conditions applicable to your banking transactions.

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Formule Famille Classique

Ce feuillet vous explique en quelques mots le contenu de la formule Famille Classique et les opérations comprises dans le forfait.

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