Buying a home


Once you've found the house or apartment you were looking for, BCV can provide you with a mortgage to cover up to 80% of the purchase price, if the property is to be your primary residence.

Your BCV advisor will discuss three different types of loans with you and help you decide which is the best fit.

Steps in buying your home

  1. Find the right home
  2. Simulate various financing scenarios
  3. Reserve the home
  4. Meet with a BCV advisor
  5. Set the terms of the loan
  6. Finalize the purchase

Getting a mortgage for your primary residence

As you determine your budget for a new home, bear in mind that you'll need to provide a downpayment of at least 20% of the purchase price. The money for the downpayment can come from your second- and third-pillar funds. Also bear in mind that your mortgage and maintenance expenses should generally account for no more than a third of your household's gross annual income.

Acheter Financement

Buying costs are the fees (e.g. for the notary and land register) that you will have to pay before closing the deal. Your mortgage loan cannot be used to pay these fees.

The downpayment refers to the part of the buying price that you contribute. It may come from:

  • your savings
  • your second pillar (up to 50% of the total downpayment)
  • your third pillar
Acheter financement


BCV's mortgage loans cover up to 80% of the purchase price. 

As a rule, the sum of your mortgage loan repayments, interest payments and home maintenance must not exceed a third of your gross household income. These three amounts are estimated as follows:

  • loan repayment: 1% per year
  • interest payment: 5% per year
  • maintenance: 1% of the purchase price per year
Acheter financement

A loan offer in just a few clicks

With Hypo-net, you'll know within minutes if you have sufficient funds to obtain a mortgage loan for the home of your dreams. 

  • See a detailed breakdown of BCV’s different types of mortgage loans
  • Get an estimate of how much owning a given piece of property will cost you overall

Go to Hypo-net

Solutions, whatever your needs

Fixed-rate mortgage loan

With our fixed-rate mortgage loan, you'll know exactly how much your mortgage payment will be every month. No unpleasant surprises from rising interest rates.

Variable-rate mortgage loan

With a variable-rate mortgage, your interest rate will closely track movements in the financial markets. This type of loan could be a good choice if you are flexible, willing to tolerate some risk, and not put off by interest-rate volatility.

Short term mortgage loan

If you follow the financial markets closely and generally have a good idea of where interest rates are headed, then our short term mortgage loan could be for you. It lets you take advantage of falling interest rates, or even refinance your loan if market conditions change.

If you want home financing based on the SARON benchmark, opt for our SARON mortgage loan. You just need to have sufficient liquidity on hand in the event that rates rise.

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