Hypo-net benefits


Accord de principe

Receive an agreement in principle immediately

Définissez vos besoins

Pick the terms of your mortgage of your mortgage

Gratuité des frais

Take advantage of our no-arrangement-fee offer

Echangez avec un spécialiste

Speak directly with a BCV advisor

Calculate how much you’ll save by transferring your mortgage to BCV

Our calculator can estimate how much your current lender will likely charge you in early repayment fees as well as what your monthly payments will be if you transfer your mortgage to BCV. 

And it only takes 5 minutes.


Calculate your savings


Calculer les économies

Transferring your mortgage loan online has never been easier

With Hypo-net, you'll receive an agreement in principle and non-binding offer valid for two weeks in just 15 minutes. 

You can personalize your loan offer and handle it all online – if you want. Otherwise, you can meet with a BCV advisor at any point during the process.


Transfer your mortgage

Transférer votre prêt


1. Complete

the form to receive an agreement in principle immediately

10 minutes


2. Choose

the loan type and repayment conditions that work best for you

5 minutes


3. Sign

your loan agreement or finalize it with a BCV advisor over the phone, by videoconference, or at a branch

1-2 meetings

With an advisor

What's the next step?

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