BCV wins a 2022 UCITS Hedge Award

The BCV Systematic Premia Equity Opportunity fund received a 2022 UCITS Hedge Award from The Hedge Fund Journal in the Long/Short Equity Global – Quantitative category for its excellent risk/return profile over 7- and 10-year periods.

This fund uses long/short equity positions to invest in a range of risk-premium strategies (e.g., momentum). These strategies take advantage of alternative sources of returns, which are uncorrelated with traditional indices. In addition, long-only positions can be taken on the main global equity indices in order to bring a directional dimension (beta) to the investment.

The BCV Systematic Premia Equity Opportunity fund is one of the risk-premium products in BCV’s range of quantitative funds, which it began offering in 2009. The quantitative management approach is designed to take advantage of proven market inefficiencies and is applied to equities (Swiss, European, US, global, and high-dividend stocks), commodities, and the multi-asset universe.

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