BCV is a benchmark employer in Vaud, offering an array of job opportunities in around one hundred different professional roles. Our healthy, performance-based culture has made us one of the leading banks in Switzerland ­­– and a fast-paced, exciting place to work.


100 different professions

Plus de 100 métiers

Why work at BCV?

Ten reasons to work at BCV

We’re the right size: the contribution you make will be clearly visible.

Une taille humaine

We are a responsible employer and have strong ties with our local community.

Un employeur responsable


We take a long-term approach to success

La réussite

We offer competitive compensation and a first-rate benefits package.

La rémunération

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Equal pay

In 2021, a pay analysis conducted by Comp-On SA, a human resources consulting firm specialized in employee compensation, found that BCV meets Swiss federal requirements on equal pay between men and women.

We were also awarded the “Fair ON Pay” certification, which recognizes the Bank’s equal pay practices over the long term. This certification is valid for four years and includes a follow-up audit in the third year.

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A focus on training

We actively encourage our people to develop their skills, not only to prepare our future leaders, but to drive staff motivation and help you stay competitive in the industry.

Une banque formatrice

University internship

Estelle Buttoudin

I had the chance to specialize in asset management while learning about the Bank’s other businesses.

Post-secondary internship

Kevin Freire

Of the many advantages of doing a post-secondary internship at BCV, I would highlight the excellent guidance and support you receive.


David Annen

Thanks to my BCV apprenticeship, I found that what I valued most was the time spent working directly with our clients.

Rejoignez-nous training program 

Dorothée Franck

The program introduced me to the banking industry and trained me up so I could hit the ground running.


Swiss Olympic 2020-2021

Since 2019, BCV has been recognized by Swiss Olympic as a training institution that promotes elite sports.

We are proud to be part of this initiative that helps young elite athletes get their first paid job with a flexible schedule that lets them work around their practices and matches.

Upcoming events

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